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December 22st: Classic II at Electrohype-ROM

[December 22nd 2003]

Torrey Nommesen - 'The Artist's Eye'

The Classic II Exhibition at Electrohype-ROM
December 12th, 2003 - January 23rd, 2004

Instead of pushing on into more and more technically advanced art work, Electrohype has chosen to curate an exhibition with 10 art works for the the old Macintosh Classic II computer. The exhibition is a follow-up to the exhibition 'Mac Classics - The immaculate machines' at the Postmasters Gallery in New York in 1997. Some of the artists from the 1997 exhibition are also participating in Malmø today (John F. Simon Jr. and JODI). Here are some pictures from the exhibition. Note the the works can be purchased along with the host computer!

Participating artists:
Richard Bolam - HyperScape
Sebastian Campion - The Matrix 9x9
Mogens Jacobsen - Classico Salz Bee Jul
Torrey Nommesen - 'The Artist's Eye'
David Rokeby - Liquid Language
John F. Simon jr. - Arrow Variations - Book 1
Magnus Wassborg - Auto
Tore Nilsson - Inferiorator
Marotta & Russo
- OutPut

Opening hours:
Tuesday-Friday 14-18. Electrohype-ROM will be closed from December 20th to January 11th.

S. Förstadsgatan 18,

Auto and Inferiorator
Left: Magnus Wassborg - Auto and Tore Nilsson - Inferiorator. Right: Richard Bolam - HyperScape.

Classico Salz Bee JulALRT#ID
Left: Mogens Jacobsen - Classico Salz Bee Jul. Right: JODI - ALRT#ID.

The Matrix 9x9Liquid Language
Left: Sebastian Campion - The Matrix 9x9. Right: David Rokeby - Liquid Language.

Arrow Variations - Book 1OutPut
Left: John F. Simon jr. - Arrow Variations - Book 1. Right: Marotta & Russo - OutPut.

Learn more about the exhibition at:
Read a press release here.
Check out the Mac Classics site.
Check out some pictures from Electrohype's show 10 Programs Written in BASIC


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