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15. april 2003: David Crawford - Stop Motion Studies

[15. april 2003]

Screendump: The interface for Stop Motion Studies - Series 7

David Crawford
Stop Motion Studies

The American artist David Crawford calls his project Stop Motion Studies. The project is a collection of ultra-short studies predominantly from the subways of Boston, New York, London, Paris and Gothenburg. Crawford's impressive gathering of material results in a series of intimate studies on the humorous, grotesque and poetic aspects of seemingly simple urban social situations.

Stop Motion Studies is based on a refreshingly simple technique that brings forth an investigation of the intersections of media types. One meaning of the title implies the examination of the point where sequences of separate still photographs become coherent motion video. How much information do we need to construct a narrative? And, what is the relationship between the photographic narrative and the video narrative anyway?

In Crawford's recent remix of the project - Stop Motion Studies Series 7 - for the Whitney Artport (Whitney Museum's portal for the user is invited to assemble a split screen montage from the previous material. You can choose the presentation of the material by browsing the archive. David Crawford is an artist, a designer and a teacher. He is currently teaching art and design at Art and Technology at the IT-university of Gothenburg. Text and screendumps: Thomas Petersen

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You will need Flash 6 to view the project.

Screendumps: BOS.10.Man.Reads and LON.01.Exterior.Clouds

Screendumps: LON.06.Man.Upset and LON.13.Man.Writes

Screendumps: BOS.01.Couple.Light and LON.18.Men.Watch

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