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April 26th - Diffus generative art seminar and site launch

[April 26th 2004]

Diffus generative art seminar and site launch

The project group Diffus is an interdisciplinary group initiating activities within culture, aesthetics and technology. Diffus kicked off with a workshop/seminar on generative art and a launch of their website at the University of Copenhagen Saturday April 24th.

The participants in the seminar were Andreas Broegger , Ingeborg Okkels and Andreas Lykke-Olesen (Kollision). The participants presented a wide range of generative art strategies within architecture, music and the visual arts. Afterwards some projects from the generative Flash-workshop were presented.

The ambitious group has already planned a number of other activities eg. an online issue devoted to the topic of generative art (May 13th). Here are a few images from the seminar.

Click here to check out vol. 1 - about recent Dutch architecture.

Click here to check out their next events
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diffus seminarDiffus seminar
Diffus seminarDiffus seminar
Diffus siteDiffus site


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