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Electrohype Biennial 2004- Images from the exhibition

[December 3rd 2004]

Watschen-Diskurs (2004) by Uli Winters and Frank Fietzek, Germany.

Electrohype Biennial 2004
Images from the exhibition

Nordic biennial for computer based art
November 26th 2004 - January 23rd 2005.
Malmoe Konsthall
Opening hours: Daily 11-17, Wednesdays 11-21
Closed: 24/12, 25/12, 31/12.

With their third biennial, Electrohype cement their status as one of the most interesting and hard working organizations within the Nordic scene for computer based art. The exhibition shows a selection of more or less tangible art works. This includes electronic pieces, like the two teddies above chatting and hitting each other when disagreeing, prints, projections, screen-based works, installations, videos and more. The selection for the biennial is based on both submissions and Electrohype's own choices. A part of the exhibition shows the group of Swedish copmuter art pioneers perviously exhibited in Electrohype-ROM.
This show is absolutly a must-see.

Here are some images from the biennial.

Participating artists:
Richard Bolam (UK), Alan Currall (UK), Trine Eidsmo (NO), Peter Flemming (CA), Mogens Jacobsen (DK), Yunchul Kim (KO), Trond Lossius/Kurt Ralske (NO/USA), Rikard Lundstedt, SE, Vera Molnar (FR), Peter Palvén (SE), Lene Leth Rasmussen, (DK), Tania Ruiz Gutiérrez (CO), Mika Taanila (FI), Maia Urstad, (NO), Magnus Wassborg/Tore Nilsson (SE), Marius Watz (NO),
Norman T. White (CA), Uli Winters/ Frank Fietzek (D), ubermorgen (Austria/Swz)

Digital pionieers (SE):
Beck & Jung, Lars-Gunnar Bodin, Ann-Charlotte Johannesson, Sture Johannesson, Sveninge de Monér, Torsten Ridell, Göran Sundqvist Beck & Jung, Lars-Gunnar Bodin, Ann-Charlotte Johannesson, Sture Johannesson, Sveninge de Monér, Torsten Ridell, Göran Sundqvist

Norwegian Marius Watz's autonomous drawing machine System_C (2004) will make more than 360 drawings during the show. All of these drawings are automtically saved and uploaded. They can be viewed here.

Danish Mogens Jacobsen shows his Power of Memory 2/I Hear Denmark Singing (2004). The potatoes form an electric network which temporarily uphold an unstable song text on the internet. The song is written by the Danish minister for integration. As the potatoes die, the text withers and the letters are replaced by hearts. Follow the decay of the potatoes here.

Peter Fleming's (Canada) Manual (1998-2001). A kinetic sculpture distributing sand in circular motions.

Yunchul Kim (Korea): (void)traffic (2003). Online ASCII projection visualizing data traffic.

Peter Palvén, Social Sounds (2004). Algorithmic sound art installation.

Left: Magnus Wassborg & Tore Nilsson, Natural Environment, 2004 - A mixed media installation with computers, projections and sound. Right: Norman T. White (Canada): The Helpless Robot (1987-2002). This robot can't move by itself and is thus forced to ask onlookers to help it.

Tania Ruiz Guitíerrez (Colombia), La Plaza II (2004). A real time rendered video projection.

The digital pioneers. An impressive collection of Swedish computer art from the 60s to the 80s.

The digital pioneers themselves.

Richard Bolam (UK), HyperScape 1 (2003-2004). A networked installation with six Macintosh Classic II computers.

The panel debate at the Electrohype conference about the conditions for electronic and computer based art accompanying the exhibition. In the panel were Trine Eidsmo (Norway), Anna Kindvall (Sweden), Lars Midboe (Norway/Sweden), Leslie Johnson (Sweden), Tine Vindfeld (Denmark), Soeren Krogh (Denmark) and Trond Lossius.

Malmoe Konsthall:


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