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News from #7

[April 28th 2005]

NEWS FROM ARTIFICIAL.DK #7, Thursday, April 28, 2005


Hooray! We have received some support from the Danish Arts Council's Committee for Visual Arts (Kunstraadet, fagudvalget for billedkunst). This is an opportunity for us to step up our activities and put unprecedented focus on computer based art form in the year to come. We have been worried to see how hard things have been for many of the best organizations in the Nordic region. In this light, we choose to interpret this support of our activities as one small sign of there actually being a future for dealing with computer based art forms in our region after all. As we are still far from an acceptable financial situation, our search for funding will continue.

As we have stated before, our mission is to promote these art forms to a broad audience because we believe they can develop and nuance our views on advanced technologies and the society they are a part of. Our fundamental position is to deal with these art forms in a straight forward fashion and treat computer based art forms as particular expressions of art in general. Our ambition is to be an international web magazine and at the same time improve the visibility of the field for readers in our own region.

We will continue to approach the subject matter through a number of different perspectives. Among these, you'll find extensive interviews with international artists as well as introductions to the bubbling digital activities in the Nordic region.

Stay tuned - and keep those suggestions coming!
All the best,


In the beginning of April 2005, a Swedish chapter of the global organization Dorkbot was started in Stockholm , Sweden . The initiator of Dorkbot Stockholm Majken Kramer Overgaard sent us an update on the launch and some words about the Dorkbot concept.


Net art pioneer Heath Bunting visits Denmark May 4th 2005 to give a lecture at Overgaden gallery. Title: 'Crossing, Sharing and Hacking'. Time: 7 pm . The event is organized by Artnode and you can read more about it in the Danish press release ( Another great detail is that Artnode is planning a exhibition with Bunting in the fall of 2006. More about Artnode here:

Get Real exhibition has opened at Museum of Contemporary Art in Roskilde , Denmark . The great line-up of artists includes (among others) Mogens Jacobsen, Steina Vasulka, Thor Magnusson/Jacob Kirkegaard, Juha Huuskonen and many others.
More info:

New collection of net films at Artists: Mikkel Woeldike Breum, Niels Plenge and Jeanette Land Schou. The theme is 'Gravitas'.

2005 Boston Cyberarts Festival with 70 exhibitions and events from April 22 through May 8. The festival explores the connections between the arts community and the high-tech industry. Ideas in Motion conference & event series explores the latest in dance and technology.

This is our catalogue of computer based art we can recommend. You'll find net art, software art, classics, and a continuously updated list of new pieces. This week we have one recommendation:

American artist Jason Salavon uses software processes to present new perspectives on familiar situations. 100 different photos of the same type of special occasion (e.g. wedding photos) are digitally fused to make an 'average' image i.e. all the images in one. The result gives a surprising perspective on seemingly unique moments.


Schmoogle is an alternative search engine. When you type your query into Shmoogle, you get Google's results but in random order instead of the most popular sites at the top. Schmoogle points out certain problematic issues regarding visibility on the net and the industry behind search engine optimization.
Try Schmoogle here:

Read about it here:


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