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[October 21st 2005]

Wednesday, October 21st, 2005
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The activities in the field of digital art in Denmark are at best sporadic and usually take place as one-off projects. Apparently it can be hard to achieve stable funding situations and sustain long-term collaborations. The time is ripe to try out new organizational constellations and cross traditional boundaries and fields of practice. Maybe then we can enjoy some recurring events in the field.

A new Danish digital art festival, MINE has grown out of the efforts of Aalborg University, the municipality of Stoevring, AM Production, AV Center-Aalborg and Stoevring Hoejskole. These participants form the digital art forum 'one/o'. Among a few other places, the MINE exhibition will take place in the depths of Thingbaek limestone mines (Thingbaek kalkminer) November 5-6 2005. Check out the website at The participating artists are a mix of local artists from the area and other Danish as well as international artists working with digital art. Hopefully, this event can set roots and inspire more digital creativity. Thomas Petersen of Artificial has assisted in the curating process.

This month we are very proud to present an interview with one of the artists of the MINE exhibition, Jakub Dvorsky of Amanita Design. Amanita will be showing the sequel to the brilliant game Samorost, which we have previously raved about. Very appropriately Samorost 2 takes place underground. This interview is also a forerunner for our Game Art Special next month. We will approach this area from a variety of angles so stay tuned for more!


We have previously written about the spellbinding Flash game Samorost . Kristine Ploug and Thomas Petersen talked to Jakub Dvorsky of Amanita Design who is soon ready with a sequel to Samorost. You can try Samorost 2 the MINE festival in the limestone mines of Thingbaek, Denmark (www. ).

Theo Jansen is a Dutch artist with a background in science. For the last 15 years, he has been evolving a series of wind-powered animals, made of plastic tubes. When these constructions are fed by wind, they set into motion and transmute into organic-looking creatures; or beach-animals as Jansen calls them. Theo Jansen received the Jury's Special Price in the Interactive Art category at Ars Electronica Festival 2005. Sebastian Campion met him for a talk.

Artificial went to the Ars Electronica festival in Linz , Austria and brought back lots of impressions and photos. Your editors Thomas Petersen and Kristine Ploug comment on a few of the art pieces shown at the festival. Design student Ditte Kilsgaard Moeller drew her impressions.


A new Danish digital art festival, MINE has grown out of the efforts of a number of organizations in Northern Jutland in Denmark forming the digital art forum 'one/o'. Among other places the festival will take place in the depths of Thingbaek limestone mines November 5-6 2005 . Check out the website at . one/o has cooperated with Thomas Petersen from Artificial in the curating process.

The Yellow Arrow project puts focus on the Copenhagen area of Sydhavn from October 29. The residents' everyday experiences of the area are accessible via text messages. Look for the yellow arrows ...

TEKS, Trondheim Electronic Arts Centre, and PNEK, the Norwegian Production Network for Electronic Arts might have to close down due to lack of funding. Sign a petition on this webpage:

Danish Netfilmmakers will launch their 5th edition on October 22. The launch will be accompanied by artist talks at Overgaden in Cph.

John F. Simon's new book Mobility Agents - published by Whitney - can be purchased online.

Italian artist Carlo Zanni is exhibiting at ICA in London Oct 6 - Nov 6.
Also, check out our interview with Zanni:

This is our catalogue of computer based art we can recommend. You'll find net art, software art, classics, and a continuously updated list of new pieces. This week we have two recommendations:

In Proto_gabber 3.11 by Dutch artist Peter Luining you can move the five squares. The motions are recorded and each square continues repeating it, generating patterns of motion as well as sound. Neat in all its simplicity. /KP

What does music look like? Martin Wattenbergs The Shape of Song is a qualified attempt to visualize and compare the structures of music pieces. Wattenberg's piece displays musical form as a sequence of translucent arches giving new perspectives on everything from AC/DC to Wagner. The Shape of Song was shown at the Generator.x exhibition in Oslo , Norway . /TP


This site made as a student project at Parson School of Design is an amazingly cool resource. Of course we encourage you to check out the art stuff on the site . And don't forget that you can contribute to yourself - in the true internet fashion.


Readme 100 software art factory
Maximum emotions for minimum budget!

Why pay more? Why spend big bucks on visiting big media art festivals? Why rush between noisy venues, endless lectures and art works no one is there to explain? Why be frustrated by a big vanity fair? Why pay hundreds for the tickets? Why feel alien at other people's feast? Why queue for expensive and tasteless food, why risk ending up at an expensive hotel because all others are booked months in advance? Why come back home confused or even disappointed?

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Where: Stadt- und Landesbibliothek, Dortmund
When: November 4 and 5, 2005

Welcome to Dortmund, a high profile city in the North-West of Germany famous for its beer, football team and heavy industry. Today it is also an important center for information technology.

Amy Alexander (US)
Christophe Bruno (F)
Javier Candeira (ES)
Yves Degoyon, Sergio Moreno, Jaume Nualart and others (ES)
DJ Francis (D)
Sven Konig (CH)
Wojciech Kosma (PL)
Alessandro Ludovico (IT)
Ilia Malinovsky (RU)
Leonardo Solaas (AR)
VJ Ubergeek (US)
Mitchell Whitelaw (AU)
Renate Wieser, Julian Rohrhuber (D)
Yaxu (GB)
Special Guest (GB)

Readme 100 is organised by
Inke Arns, Hartware MedienKunstVerein, Dortmund
Olga Goriunova, Readme/Runme, Moskau
Francis Hunger, Hartware MedienKunstVerein, Dortmund
Alexei Shulgin, Readme/Runme, Moskau



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