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News from #3

[September 23d 2004]

Thursday September 23, 2004.

Here we are with the third newsletter from Please feel free to forward it to friends and peers - or even better, tell them to subscribe!
As some of you might know, we were blogging live from this year's Read_me festival in Aarhus last month. This was our first attempt at blogging and we are quite happy with the result. The blog will stay up for a while here:

This month we have some real treats for you ... Two things you should definitely check out are the extensive interviews with Philip Galanter and Josh On. Enjoy.


Timeshift - Interview with Josh On
"I really think that the way we are going to move forward in social movements is less around art-pranks and more on good social organizing with one another in real life." Sebastian Campion met up with Josh On (known from e.g. They Rule) at this year's Ars Electronica.

'Generative art is as old as art'
An interview with Philip Galanter
In discussions of generative art, Philip Galanter's definition pops up more than often. Thomas Petersen and Kristine Ploug asked Philip some questions, setting out to dig deeper into some of the aspects of the definition and his own artistic work in the field.


The project 'SoundImage' (lydbillede) will be launched in Copenhagen Project Room Friday October 8th, 6 pm - 1 am. The project explores the possibility of transforming images and colors into music by means of digital media - in this case generative Flash. The project will be installed as a contemplative listening environment. Artists: Thomas Petersen, Felipe Otondo, and Inez Mortensen.
More info:

Look out for a forthcoming exhibition on computer viruses coming to Post & Tele Museum in Copenhagen in October. Our sources tell us, it will start October 7th. It will be about the destructive elements as well as cultural and artistic approaches. The title of the exhibition? 'I Love You', of course.

Villette Numerique 2004 - the Paris-based biennial for new media - takes place from Sep 21st till Oct 3rd with Benjamin Weil (previously SFMoMA, now Eyebeam) as guest curator. One of the exhibits features all of the 16 Carnivore clients by, among others, Vuk Cosic, Lisa Jevbratt and Golan Levin.

Among the Honorary Mentions at this years Ars Electronica were ( and the Italian magazine Neural ( Congrats from here and keep up the good work! Read more.


{Software} Structures
American artist Casey Reas used the wall drawings of Sol LeWitt as a catalyst for this project asking the question: 'Is the history of conceptual art relevant to the idea of software as art?'. Reas implemented 3 of Lewitt's drawings in software and derived 26 pieces of software in association with artists Jared Tarbell, Robert Hodgin, and William Ngan.

More Read_me
We couldn't quite manage to blog every single excellent project from Read_me. Here are a couple of the great projects that were presented:

Auracle (Kristjan Varnik)
an instrument controlled only by the human voice allowing non-musicians, and non-technical people to make music and work collaboratively.

N.E.S.T. (Benjamin Delarre and Leon Cullinane)
'A mix between the children's game of 'Chinese Whispers' and SETI's Search for deep space intelligence Nest searches virtual space for chaos'.


In need of some virtual company? Then why don't you try this bot created by Danish Mogens Jacobsen (of Artnode). Its favourite topic is art. According to Mogens, it was never finished, but we find it funny nevertheless! Suggestions for more potential bot friends are welcome at

--------------------------------------------------------------------- is happy to pass on this call from

Today in Paradise - Genetics & Art
Mobileart 05 - Göteborg New Media Art Festival at Röda Sten, Göteborg, Sweden. Submission Deadline: 24 November 2004.

The call for works is open to artists, designers and performers both internationally and from the Nordic region willing to engage in the theme "Today in Paradise - Genetics & Art". Mobileart is announcing a call for works for its exhibition and festival which will open on the 1st April, 2005. This will consist of a 3-day festival/symposium held on Friday 1st April to Sunday 3rd April, concurrent with an exhibition at the same venue from Friday 1st April - Sunday 17th April.

Today in Paradise - Genetics & Art will be held at Röda Sten (, a cultural landmark which lies on the sea entrance to the city of Gothenburg. Previously housing a huge industrial boiler, Röda Sten today is a hub for exhibitions and arts events, and offers everything from huge open spaces to small intimate rooms distributed over its approximate 1000 square meters. The outside of the building is a free zone for the graffiti artists of the city, and this unconventional exhibition space sets the scene for innovative explorations. The goal of Project Röda Sten is to develop itself as a Nordic cultural centre for art, theatre, music and dance and to host international exhibitions of high standard.

Mobileart is an organisation focusing on the advancement of digital and net-based art. Through exhibitions both on- and off-line, Mobileart seeks to create a forum for activities, meetings and information revolving around such art forms as visual art, music, design and architecture.

The exhibition is open to works based on the theme "Today in Paradise - Genetics & Art" from various fields such as visual arts, architecture, design, music, dance and performance. Artists are invited to interpret the theme in various ways, either through direct commentary on genetics and biotechnology, or from a sociological/cultural perspective. Liberal interpretations and more abstract approaches to the theme will also be encouraged. Works utilizing genetic algorithms and evolutionary processes are also of interest, and need not be thematically or aesthetically related to the topic.

For the exhibition from the 1st to 17th April we are looking for artists working in all kinds of media, for example interactive installations, photography, video, sound, and net based art. As this will be a group exhibition, space will be shared among the participants so this in an important factor to be aware of when submitting works. For the festival from the 1st to 3rd April we are seeking participants from the fields of music (especially electronic), dance and performance art to present pieces on site.

A part of the exhibition will also hold information and visions from ongoing research from Biotechnology institutions and companies.

Submission deadline: 24th November 2004
Notification of participation: 21st December
Exhibition dates: Friday 1st April to Sunday 17th April, 2005
Festival/Symposium dates: Friday 1st April to Sunday 3rd April, 2005. Read more at

The exhibition/festival is a collaboration between: (, Kulturprojekt Röda Sten ( and Chalmers, Art & Technology ( Contact email for enquiries:


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